Sunday, September 14, 2008

Symbolic Sunday

This is the second meme (after "Frequently Asked Friday") that we're going to start here. This one will feature mainly symbolism in the Bible, but can touch on other side topics.


Recently, out of the blue, our 8-year-old son thoughtfully said, "Guys, I think I know why Sunday is called "Sunday". This took us a little by surprise, because I don't recall ever having discussed with him the day's pagan origins (you know, sun worship and all that).

"Really?" we asked. "Yeah," he confidently continued, "God created light on the first day, which we get from the sun. So that's why it's called 'Sunday'."

Amazing how the mind of a child works! That was an explanation I had never thought of. Now, technically, Genesis says that the sun, moon, and stars were created on the fourth day, but his line of reasoning is just another demonstration of our son's budding critical thinking skills, through which God will undoubtedly show him wonderful things!

Praise be to God!

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Andrew Clarke said...

I've heard a child reason things out like that too! It's a dilemma for me because it's admirable and adorable that they do this, and I hate to 'correct' them if they're slightly mistaken. It's been shown that having children can cause people to live longer, and I can see why. They can fill you with hope in a unique way.