Friday, October 17, 2008

"True to His WORD" Award

When I moved our old JesusIsWonderful site to this blog, I did not know how to attract some readers (very lonely out here, without comments). Not to even mention that I wanted to find some devout Christian bloggers to fellowship with. So, I began blog-hopping for bloggers with similar interests, and this person's blog was one of the first I came to. I left him a comment, and he volunteered to steer some folks my way... without my even suggesting it. And, true to his word, he sent lots of folks my way... many of YOU folks! So, I had to thank him in some way....

So Jim of Journaling for Growth, to thank you for your instant friendship, I award you with the inaugural "True to His Word" award!!! May it also comfort you to know that you even inspired its double-meaning name. Just as Jesus was (and continues to be) true to His Word, so you were to yours. Thanks, friend!


jeleasure said...

Thanks Greg,
You are important, as are all of God's children. People are the only thing that matter. That is my reasoning. I'll have to figure out how to bring the award to my page, later.
I just got home from work and I am supposed to be somewhere, now. So, I will get back to you later.

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Greg.

You know there don't seem to be as many people out there anymore who are true to their word. So what a great idea to give an award to those who are. Blessings coming your way Greg!

Farrah said...

Dear Honey,

That was really kind of him to do that!! I know you would be perfectly happy if your wifey were the only one to leave comments *winkwink!*, but it's much more fun to have lots more! JUST DON'T GET ADDICTED TO BLOGGING. I need you to spend your extra time helping me around the house, so I can have more time to blog.

Love, Wifey

Great Googly Moogly! said...


Sounds a lot like Mrs. Moogly! :-)