Friday, November 7, 2008

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U.S. Elections

Yes, we all know how that turned out. I was reading an article on CNN today, that tried to explain why the win seemed so lop-sided. While the statistics are not yet fully analyzed, the percent turnout was much higher among Democrats than Republicans. This means that while Obama's supporters were energized to vote, many more of his detractors (not all of them actually supported McCain) stayed home.

But here's something very interesting, that should give us all hope. As you can see from the map above, both Florida and California sided with Obama. However, both states also voted to ban gay "marriage". In California, voters were almost 2:1 for Obama, yet a decisive majority were for the ban! Furthermore, while Floridians narrowly favored Obama, around a 2:1 majority were for banning gay "marriage"! In fact, all four gay "marriage" bans passed, which is encouraging news to me that there is still a strong air of conservative values, across our country.

For the past couple elections, I noted a very interesting statistic that most (if not all) of the urban centers lean Left (some overwhelmingly so), while less populated areas lean to the Right. This split is particularly obvious in our own Washington state. It seems something happens when you cross the Cascades! Maybe it's the thinner air or reduced humidity. Someone should totally do a study on that!


jeleasure said...

Yeah Greg,
I caught that. AFR said that his supporters may really have not been aware of what Obama was pulling for. They voted for other reasons, or voted morality.
I say, they voted for other reasons. But, then again, morality would definately not have been ignored by that many people.
WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? (wanna teach me how to not use all caps, too?) I'm hearing Christmas music on the radio and your blog looks like Halloween!
You've only been gone two weeks. Hopefully you have had a chance to visit some of the links I sent. Take your time. But, you will find out as I did that when you stay gone too long, your readers fade.

Tamela's Place said...

Hey Greg,

Yeah, it was good to see that most was for the ban of gay marriage, that was encouraging to know. But, there are many who call themselves Christians that voted to place a man in office whose views are the most liberal of any President that has ever been elected into office. We have personal acquaintances right here in Az. that voted for him. Just knowing his views on abortion should of been enough for the Christians to say NO to the man. But I guess not. Also it does seem as though there might of been more liberals out voting this time than conservative Christians.

Life goes on and so must we. God is still on the throne!

Tamela :)

Nitewrit said...


I am an island surrounded by Obama supporters, my neighbors, my work associates, my old friends, my poetry group. At least I escape it in my church. I can enjoy their delight, but I am afraid they are in for a letdown eventually.

I don't think they hear what he says, only the words they want such as "hope" and "change". They don't think out what that change will be.

Obama has already broken a campaign promise by his pick of his Head of Staff. What happened to having to rid ourselves of the old Washington ways and a new era of nonparticianship and reaching out?

I think I understand the way the map breaks down, but I'll leave that for the moment.

I know one thing. The rage didn't end with Obamas victory. I have put up with eight years of the most outrageous bilge aimed at Bush and yet it still goes on even though my friends have the victory.

Amen to Tamela's last statement.


jeleasure said...

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jeleasure said...


This information was given by Sean Osborn of the North Eastern Intelligence Network.

Obama must provide a vaulted copy of his birth certificate by 1 Dec. 08

Greg said...

Jim, I've heard of the guy that's suing Obama for his proof of citizenship. I think that's a pretty feeble effort, with little merit. If there was any real truth there, Clinton, McCain, the Democrats, or the Republicans would have uncovered it by now. Obama's going to be President, by the will of the people. As in 1 Samuel, Israel desired a king (rejecting God), and so He gave them one, to their own destruction. Not that I cared for McCain, either. :(

Jody said...

Nice to meet you Greg.

lmouser said...

It's not the "thinner air or reduced humidity" that causes the weird statistics, you just live too close to California. :)

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment at my site.

The California Larry

jeleasure said...

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