Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Are All Well! However . . .

Farrah says:

We will not be able to get much computer time the next two weeks. Stuff related to Hubby's job came up, and we are going to be extremely busy and having to make some big decisions. In a couple weeks we should be able to check back. Appreciate prayers! Love you guys!!

Oh, and . . . Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

And the War Wages On...

And the assault continues. TIME reports that Richard Dawkins and the Humanist Association (you can look them up on Wikipedia), have placed atheist ads on London buses. But Christian groups are fighting back with their own ad campaign, aimed at poking fun at the atheist ads.

Dawkins is a world-(in)famous atheist and author, who is quoted at the end of the article as saying, "If more people think for themselves, we'll have fewer religious people." You know, the guy's absolutely right, though he doesn't know it. Jesus doesn't want (as my dad says) "religious drones;" He wants people who will make the willful decision to love and serve Him. The Bible shows time and time again that tradition and mindless religion only lead to idolatry and sin. But the Apostles and prophets invite us to "come and let us reason together", and to reach a full understanding of salvation. The Bible says time and time again, that we are to serve God with not just our bodies and hearts, but with our minds, too! That means He's not afraid of being exposed as a fraud by the thinkers or philosophers or logicians. If anything, an honest search for the truth will only further confirm not only God's existence, but also His omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and infinite love.

Christians do indeed think for themselves, Mr. Dawkins. If you begin to do the same, perhaps you will also become one, someday. Better not wait to find out on the other side!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

8-Year-Old May Sing About Jesus at School

If that cat is real, it's the biggest one I've ever seen!!!

I just heard about this on Air1 and thought I'd let you all know. Apparently, Bailey won the opportunity to sing any song she wanted, at her school, as long as it was approved by the administration. She picked Darrell Evans' "Trading My Sorrows," but it was rejected at first, because it contained the word "Lord". Her parents contacted the ACLJ (a charitable organization that fights for religious freedoms; think of it as the Anti-ACLU), and then informed the school that it was within Bailey's Constitutional rights to sing that song. I don't imagine there would be any infringement of "separation of church and state," since the school did not pick the song.

The school reversed their decision and even thanked her parents for clearing up the issue.

The singer called her, to thank her and give her encouragement. Way to go, Bailey!

Click here to read the whole story.

This story reinforces my belief that the vast majority of people in this country are tolerant and even friendly toward religious expression, particularly Christianity. But people in authority too often bend to the will of a tiny but vocal minority (that sue-happy atheist, anyone?), that threatens to sue, if they so much as sneeze the wrong way. It's a form of extortion, my friends, and we need to stand up to it.