Monday, February 9, 2009

And the War Wages On...

And the assault continues. TIME reports that Richard Dawkins and the Humanist Association (you can look them up on Wikipedia), have placed atheist ads on London buses. But Christian groups are fighting back with their own ad campaign, aimed at poking fun at the atheist ads.

Dawkins is a world-(in)famous atheist and author, who is quoted at the end of the article as saying, "If more people think for themselves, we'll have fewer religious people." You know, the guy's absolutely right, though he doesn't know it. Jesus doesn't want (as my dad says) "religious drones;" He wants people who will make the willful decision to love and serve Him. The Bible shows time and time again that tradition and mindless religion only lead to idolatry and sin. But the Apostles and prophets invite us to "come and let us reason together", and to reach a full understanding of salvation. The Bible says time and time again, that we are to serve God with not just our bodies and hearts, but with our minds, too! That means He's not afraid of being exposed as a fraud by the thinkers or philosophers or logicians. If anything, an honest search for the truth will only further confirm not only God's existence, but also His omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and infinite love.

Christians do indeed think for themselves, Mr. Dawkins. If you begin to do the same, perhaps you will also become one, someday. Better not wait to find out on the other side!



Great Googly Moogly! said...

Richard Dawkins says, "If more people think for themselves, we'll have fewer religious people."

He's right! "Religion" is a curse that has infected every human being (including Roy Clouser, "The Myth of Religious Neutrality"). Thankfully, Christianity isn't a "religion" it's a relationship; and Christians are the only one who truly do think for themselves because in Christ our true humanity has been recovered and thus, our minds have been (and continue to be) renewed in truth! We're the ones who really see the world as it is and are capable of living wisely in the world.

Even an avowed atheist stumbles upon truth now and then (though they seldom realize it)! :-)


jeleasure said...

Hi Greg,
There are still those Christians I can't figure out. Some don't know they think for themselvs. Only in ill will, from what I read on Russ' blog.
In one sense, I can say, I just wrote somthing offensive, so, it must be true that I can only seek ill will and not good. But, in another sense, I rewrote what I had intended to say that it may not be perceived as nasty. So, which is it? Am I being nasty or have I just done something kind by not stating what I had origionally intended. Either way, I still believe that I have made a decission to say something. I have thought for myself. I chose to soften it that I may not offend. So, as a Christian, I chose to say something controversial and can be perceived as offensive (I must be evil or unable to do good on my own).
Or, I just tapered the statement to take the sharp edges off as to not offend. (I must be a Christian because I made the decission to take the edges off as a concern that I may offend some).

Farrah said...

I'm so glad they are doing something to counter that garbage!

the_thinking_frog said...

Greetings Greg,

The bottom line question for me is "how does what I do help someone in the community see Jesus Christ in me"? Paul warns against engaging "people who are lovers of themselves" as he contends that we should have nothing to do with them (II Timothy 03:05).

It is my thought that I must let my light shine in the darkness that surrounds me. In doing this some people will come to the light while others will move away. The response of some of Jesus' disciples (John 06:66) as they responding to Jesus' teaching was to leave. The reaction of Jesus was not to pursue these but instead He raised the bar for those who remained.

Thanks for the report and the challenge that comes from it.

Joyfully Serving,


Tamela's Place said...

WOW! that bus logo speaks volumes about the one who invented it, evidently he must worry alot and don't have joy. He's got it all backwards, in Christ/God is true joy and peace that passes understanding!

How sad!

Greg said...

As a former atheist (which I neglected to mention in my post), I found your comments very poignant. I feel truly blessed (and happy, and complete, etc...) to know Jesus as my Savior and you all as my friends. :)

GGM, you have an interesting point: we can't even THINK straight without first experiencing the rebirth and completing that only Jesus Christ can provide.

Jim, your comment was a bit dizzying. :) Jesus said to not worry about what we should say when we are accused, because He will tell us what to say. I think this extends to evangelism, so don't worry about offending; Jesus sure didn't! :)

Hon, me too. Even when the world is overrun with atheists, God will still have a people who did not bow their heads to the Baals of this world. And that is VERY encouraging.

Kermit, as you said, we are to be a light to those around us, and (to word your point another way) we should not beat them over the head with our beliefs. However, when those that actively oppose the Truth become so vocal and bold as to shout their foolishness from the housetops, the people of God must respond. I suppose Elijah could have just left the 450 prophets of Baal to themselves, but he took the proverbial bull by the horns and challenged them to a contest between their gods. That's probably our son's favorite Bible story.

Amen, Tamela! As we are learning in our continuing study of worldviews, a common Atheist tactic is to misrepresent the Christian viewpoint and then discredit it. This whole "worry" stuff probably comes from the argument they make that God is angry at all humanity, and we're all in danger of eternal punishment (which is true), but ignoring His infinite love, the sacrifice of His Son, and the peace that surpasses all understanding, that His born-again children are free to claim and experience.

Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

I would not oppose the atheist's right to present these messages, nor the rights of the religious counterpart, but in some places the authorities will not want these types of 'wars'.

Perhaps some through atheistic propaganda will consider the gospel, and the Lord can surely use this if he wishes.

'There are still those Christians I can't figure out. Some don't know they think for themselves. Only in ill will, from what I read on Russ' blog.'

People do think for themselves, but always within their nature. Since persons are corrupt, so is the thinking to various degrees, and corrupt to a point where God alone can save and guide one from sin, in Christ. Total depravity does not mean a maximization of evil in a person.

I have a new short post and I am fried from PhD photocopying.


Jeff said...

Hey, Greg!

Richard Dawkins is basically considered the modern-day "champion" of Neo-Darwinistic Evolution theory. But check out this YouTube video of a clip from "Expelled!" where Ben Stein interviews Dawkins and backs him into a corner, and Dawkins is basically forced to ditch Neo-Darwinianism, which he so popularly champions, and retreat to a desperate, last-ditch effort and say that maybe life on earth could have come from Extra Terrestrials (this theory is referred to in general as "panspermia" or, more specifically, "exogenesis"). To me, this shows that some today, including even the so-called contemporary champion of Evolutionary theory, are forced to recognize that Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary theory has failed, and so they must turn to Science Fiction, and claim that maybe we were planted by aliens. However, this theory solves nothing! All is does is push the question back further---because then you have to ask, "Where did those ALIENS come from?" So, in effect, Ben Stein makes a fool out of Richard Dawkins, the popular champion of Neo-Darwinian Evolution theory!

Connie Marie said...

Atheists --- I can't understand. How can one understand someone that walks in a world full of evidence and willfully DECIDES not to believe that God is truly God. The Bible says it clearly, The man that says in his heart there is no God is a fool. I can't understand fools.

I do understand that Christian's are to be known by the LOVE Christ's presence exudes. There is nothing that comes out of me that can take any credit for Love, for it is supernatural and comes from Christ/Holy Spirit.

Even after putting on the spiritual armor we are not instructed to fight by Paul... we are told to STAND! Christ has done all, and continues to do all and will come back to finish it all!