Friday, July 24, 2009

Lifehouse "Everything" Skit

I don't usually post videos on this blog, but Farrah inspired me. :)

Some of you may have already seen a version of this, but I was thinking about this video this morning and wanted to share it with you. The original version I saw a couple years ago literally made me cry, but I wanted to find one where a certain woman's dress was less revealing. This one makes me cry, too! (The video, not the dress!)

It's downright amazing how well an inspired video can depict the salvation experience, without saying a single word! It's a poignant reminder that no matter what we go through, Jesus is always there beside us, guiding us to the light and winning our battles for us, when we are too weak to fight for ourselves.

Looking at my published post, I see YouTube picked the perfect scene to represent the video! Yikes! You'll have to watch it, to see what it's all about.

And just as I was about to re-post, Air1 started playing Lifehouse's "Broken"! Amazing how the Lord works things out for His glory!


Tamela's Place said...

that is such an awesome skit it never gets old i cry everytime i watch it... I love Jesus and am soo thankful for Him stepping in to take my place so that i could be saved... Thanks for posting... i enjoyed watching it again

Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

I think I saw something like this at Northview Church in the 1990s.

Happy Weekend!

Miss Laura said...

I LOVE that skit!! I <3 JESUS

Miss Laura said...
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Gigi said...

This powerful skit was presented by our church's drama group last year. It is so very moving...thank you for the wonderful reminder of a very special memory as my Sweet Hubby was at my side, holding my hand as we watched.