Saturday, July 18, 2009

Matthew West Live -- A Few Favorites

Posted by: Farrah

I was in the mood to hear "The Motions" and did a search on youtube. I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of my favorites recorded live with a neat story at the beginning. Hope you enjoy!

No testimony, but another favorite recorded live.


Tamela's Place said...

great songs by Matthew West. I have one of his C.D's. I love his music..

Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

'What if you don't have tomorrow?'

An extremely important question, of course.

For those of us in Christ, within God's will, a reason to seek his Spirit, Scripture, and fellowship with others, and a reason to witness to those on the outside.

Dusty Chris said...

Matthew West has great music...I often get in a "Matthew West mood" where I need to hear his music...goos stuff. The words are profound and meaningful.

Gigi said...

Thanks for the Matthew West videos, Greg! My Sweet Hubby and I were fortunate enough to cruise with Matthew, his wife, their daughter and his parents on one of our K-LOVE cruises. He is so genuine...the "real deal" if you will. We got to talk with Matthew a couple of years ago again and had fun reliving some cruise memories! His parents must be so proud of his ministry and the man he has become...

We found out on that cruise what a prolific song writer Matthew is! While his own recording career is still fairly new, he has been providing material to some of the "big hitters" in contemporary Christian music for quite some time! Not that he tooted his own horn, mind you...but the other artists had so many nice things to say about him!

"Only Grace" is my favorite Matthew West song. And he's's enough!