Saturday, November 30, 2019

I'm BACK!... Probably....

As most comic book fans already know, WWII-era superhero Captain America was frozen in the Arctic ocean for several decades, before making a return to the Marvel universe.

My blog posts are known to be sporadic, but it wasn't until recently that I realized my last post to this blog was in December 2014, nearly FIVE years ago! How the time flies! We are all still healthy, I am enjoying the same software development job, and we live in the same happy home. Among the biggest changes have been my son and I getting involved in local theater, Kylen graduating high school and starting his second year at Liberty University (majoring in Christian Counseling), my dad's retirement, and my mom's passing (after battling MS for more than 25 years). All the while, I've been splitting my time between work and family, periodically spending large amounts of time on websites, Windows applications, and theater-related activities.

Our family car has several decals on its windows, but it wasn't until our family came to visit, that I was informed that the domain was no longer working! Turns out Yahoo had suspended it, because they had been unable to verify my contact information. They had an outdated e-mail account associated with the domain, but they didn't even try my Yahoo e-mail! And what really took the cake was that they had no problem continuing to charge me for the use of the domain! Really, Yahoo???

Admittedly, blogging has always taken a back seat, and I have to be realistic that it will probably continue to do so. Farrah finally caved a few years ago and got a Facebook account, followed later by our son, and then by me. And with all the other social media sites out there, I wonder if anyone is even blogging anymore.

Nevertheless, I think Blogger is much better suited to my style, than Facebook (which I hardly ever visit, anyway), and I have some exciting plans for the domain. But until then, I will continue to post here (and on my other blogs), at least once in a while.

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Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Hi Greg

Sorry about your Mom. My Mom is in a residence, down the street, with dementia. My Dad has moved in after his relationship ended.

I noticed you (apparently) looking around the other day, via my pageview programs.

Please email me sometime and we can chat.. (email connected to dr rnm site)

That has been the new URL for thekingpin68 post earned PhD.

Sorry, with a template change (several), I lost the Blogger Links at some point. I prefer a website look anyhow.